Beyonce Delivers Baby Girl Ivy Blue Carter

Beyonce Knowles delivers baby girl Ivy Blue Carter and Jay-Z welcomed their baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, yesterday on Saturday night on Lenox Hill Hospital in the sixth floor. If you want to see Ivy blue carter pictures go to my new post which you can found a few officially released Ivy blue carter pictures by Beyonce and Jay Z.

When Jay does things, he goes hard. Ahead of his wife's delivery, on Friday he rented out the entire floor of the Lenox Hill Hospital in the Upper East Side of New York. Price tag: Jay spent a whopping $1.3 million! on Beyonce delivers baby girl  . And for added privacy, all hospital windows were secured and blacked-out. Even some doctors were not allowed to come on the floor after a certain time to tend to their patients.

Neil Coulon, 38, of Brooklyn said the stress of his wife delivering two premature girls was tripled by BeyoncĂ©’s bodyguards treating Lenox Hill Hospital like an exclusive nightclub.

Coulon griped that he’s been repeatedly barred from the sixth-floor neonatal intensive care unit, once for 20 minutes, by the superstar couple’s private security.

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z

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