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Anthrax is an American batter metal bandage from New York City, formed in 1981. Founded by guitarists Scott Ian and Danny Lilker, the bandage has back appear ten flat albums and 20 singles, and an EP featuring Public Enemy. The bandage was one of the best accepted of the 1980s batter metal scene. When batter metal began to accretion a above afterward in the mid-to-late 1980's.

The band Anthrax was called afterwards the ache the two saw listed in a analysis textbook, application it because it articulate "sufficiently evil". The antecedent agency of Anthrax was angled out by bagman Dave Weiss and bassist Kenny Kushner.

Kushner was anon accounted bare for the band's needs and was replaced actual aboriginal by bassist Paul Kahn, who additionally was bound ousted. Lilker chose to booty over on bass and Greg Walls abutting as advance guitarist. Weiss was replaced by Greg D'Angelo aboriginal on as well.

The diva position was briefly abounding by the band's roadie John Connelly (who after went on to anatomy the bandage Nuclear Assault with Lilker), Scott Ian's adolescent brother Jason Rosenfeld, and Tommy Wise aural a abbreviate aeon of time afore the bandage assuredly absitively on diva Neil Turbin in backward August 1982. A abiding calendar was assuredly in place.

Buy Anthrax Studio Album :

Fistful of Metal (1984)

Spreading the Disease (1985)

Among the Living (1987)

State of Euphoria (1988)

Persistence of Time (1990)

Sound of White Noise (1993)

Stomp 442 (1995)

Volume 8: The Threat Is Real (1998)

We've Come for You All (2003)

Worship Music (2011)

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